Sur sa petite plage en France !


Une nuit pluvieuse, sur la plage à Meschers, elle a levé les yeux vers le ciel. TINA A VU LE PANCAKE ! Elle s’est exclamée :

Le Tina’s cafe est un état d’esprit. Chanter avec amour, c’est ce qui compte. Sortir de la cuisine. Nourrissez les cœurs affamés avec des chants d’espoir. Servez Le Pancake rempli de chansons pour répandre le message d’amour inconditionnel qui vient d’en haut. Nourrissez-les de vie ! Vie ! Vie !

Tina a à cœur de partager le Heavenly Pancake pour nourrir les gens avec la vérité, l’espérance, le pardon, la puissance et la vie que l’on trouve non pas dans la religion, ni dans la tradition, mais dans le seul et unique vrai Jésus Christ vivant.

Le cœur, l’âme et l’estomac sont tous attachés ensemble, dans la vie, nous devons satisfaire nos palais respectifs

Leo Provenzano le Père de Tina

Remplie de musique, chansons et histoires vraies pour nous nourrir d’espérance à travers le puissant message d’amour en Jésus-Christ. Servie en dehors des limites des notions religieuses traditionnelles, le Pancake est inspiré par les leçons de la Bible, basé sur plus de 25 années d’étude et de méditation. Tina nous encourage à partager nos expériences personnelles à la lumière de la parole de Dieu de manière simple et bienveillante afin de grandir en compréhension avec une sagesse qui ne vient pas de ce monde, mais avec la sagesse qui vient d’en haut.

Dieu est sa subsistance. Elle médite, chante, transmet et étudie sa parole depuis sa jeunesse. Tina a reçu la révélation et la confirmation de l’amour inconditionnel de Dieu sur les rives de sa plage.

Pour Pancake disponibilité et info contactez :
Tina Provenzano
Place Pierre Henri Simon 17240 Saint Fort sur Gironde FRANCE
tinascafe@wanadoo.fr – Telephone : 33 (0)6 15 13 6537

On her little beach in France!


One rainy night, on the beach in Meschers, she looked up in the sky. TINA SAW THE PANCAKE! She exclaimed:

Tina’s cafe is a state of mind. Singing with love is what matters. Get out of the kitchen. Feed famished hearts with songs of hope. Serve a Heavenly Pancake filled with songs and stories to spread the message of Godly love. Feed Them life! Life! Life!

Tina has a heart to share the Heavenly Pancake to nourish people with the truth, hope, forgiveness, power and life found, not in religion, not in tradition, but in the one and only true living Jesus Christ.

The heart the soul and the stomach are all attached together, in life we are to satisfy each others palate

Leo Provenzano Tina’s father

Filled with music, songs and real life stories to nourish with hope through the powerful message of love in Jesus Christ. Served outside the boundaries of traditional religious notions, The Heavenly Pancake is inspired with lessons from the Bible, based on over 25 years of study and meditation. Tina encourages us to share our personal experiences in the light of God’s word in a simple and caring way so as to grow in understanding with the wisdom that comes, not from this world but from the wisdom that comes from above.

God is her sustenance. She has been meditating, singing, transmitting and studying His word since her youth. Tina received the revelation and confirmation of God’s unconditional love on the shores of her little beach

For Pancake availability and info contact:
Tina Provenzano
Place Pierre Henri Simon 17240 Saint Fort sur Gironde FRANCE
tinascafe@wanadoo.fr – Telephone : 33 (0)6 15 13 6537


Celestial Royaume Goods

MOPAO Mangum Opus Pray-Key Anointing Oil

For use in fasting, praying, healing, and to cast out demons in the name of Jesus.
Forgiveness and healing are available to those who pray.The prayer of faith will heal the sick. Prayer oil is useful for anointing the sick.
Anointing Oil has been employed for centuries in the laying on of hands for healing and blessing in the name of Jesus. Prayers to cast out demons. MOPAO oil is guaranteed100%Snake-Free. It is a loving caring prayer oil that comforts with a message that comes straight from the heart! Jesus said « These signs shall follow them that believe, In my name shall they cast out devils…they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover ».

Zip It Lip Zip Balm

To help curtail the itch to gossip and say regretful things
Put this to good use out when enough has been heard or said!

This is the perfect gift to help cure those untimely conversations moments. This lip balm will help you think before you speak right on time and curb the irresistible itch to gossip. Give one to your gossiping neighbor. It helps to stop back biting. ZIP IT LIP ZIP helps buckle up the mouth and keep it shut unless you have timely things to say because words hold the power of life and death. Once they slip out of your mouth you can’t take them back! Try ZIP IT LIP ZIP Balm. I use it with my big brother whenever possible! It keeps us from fighting like cats and dogs! It will help make your lips rare as jewels and worth more than the finest gold! Better than the lips of Mr.Finegold himself whoever he is. Have you ever met him? We haven’t.


For a clean body and a healthy mind !

Thoughts start as little seeds in the head. While cleansing your body from head to toe Thought Watch Wash will help remind you to send every grey thought of doom or gloom right down the drain pipe with the rinse water before they get a chance to take root in the heart. As you wash your body, chase doubts and despair, don’t let them sneak and hide in the suds. Rince those gloomy thoughts away. Chase them! When all is good right up to your head, you’ll be good right down to your feet. Yes…Scrub dem feet too! Thought Watch&Wash will help you think about what path to set your feet on and where your next steps should lead.


Because hope is just as important as clean hands!

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Hope that is seen is not hope. The bubbles, the bubbles, hope is hiding in the bubbles! Keep hope, keep hope. Hope is the anchor of the soul. Dreams are built on hope. Let every little bubble fill you with hopes and dreams. Let them fill your heart, your body and your mind. Keep hope with ALL HOPE SOAP

Brain User Un-incorporated@common sense and logic. nodumb

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