of the HEART E-Manual for Survival

Tina’s Traveling cafe presents:

of the HEART

through song, heart to heart conversation, movement and reflection

*for imperfect people only

This album is a basic and necessary part of CROSSROADS 
of the HEART, Interactive E-Manuel. Available in PDF English, French or German with your donation.

As opposed to stretching routines which concentrate on the body only or anti-stress techniques for relaxing the mind, Crossroads of the Heart is an ever fresh way to reconnect us to the Godhead, promoting cognitive restauration for the inseparable unity of the whole person: spirit soul and body.

It consists of nine interactive doors of perception and ten songs. Each one is his own student as well as his own teacher. There are no rules and no vows, just a creative way to rethink life. This journey into the heart of the Spirit and the Truth works from the inside-out through reflective sharing, motion and music. In a world where instant outward gratification is the norm the need to respond with the wisdom that comes from within has never been greater.

Based on principals of immutable spiritual truth. Why spiritual? Because this earth is governed by spiritual laws, unwavering laws which work in the same precise fashion as electricity or gravity.

Welcome to Crossroads of the Heart. An adventure journey from the inside out. Presented via internet or in person, this E-Manuel is to be shared far and wide.

Downloadable 80 pages Virtual Guide Book + 10 original songs

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