The hour of love…

It will be

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a song, a story, a page, a chapter, a book, a moment. The richest moment in a life that flys by. Life is short no matter who you are, no matter what age. It’s a fact. Life is short and it is full of pleasure and pain. In the eyes of eternity if say life lasts a couple of hours, then one of those hours is for love. Yeah, love is essential. Although God our creator is love, happiness is not a due. In this decaying fallen world, even the best of love will have shades of suffering and pain. It’s early and Rochefort is coming alive. Shops are opening, people are rustling here and there, cars and trucks are coming and going, parking, turning, stoping, loading and unloading. I was so hungry when I left my girlfriend, my nose carried me to a boulangerie where I picked up a “tarte tropiziene“, all creamy and gooey. I gobbled it down, it was gone in a minute. My hands are still sticky… just yesterday at this same hour I was in Paris, sleeping in his arms, or was I watching him sleep ? A bit of both. I’m still so sleepy. My train got in at midnite and I didn’t get to sleep till 2am, I woke up at 5:30am with daydreams and sweet thoughts, flashbacks of the past few days…

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