The dark moments…

Spiritual warfare sounds spooky cuz it is. Castles in the mind that have taken years to build do not come loose just cuz you wanna feel good. It takes work and backbone and just plain guts. If your a touchy feely emotional slob you got a lot of homework to do. If your a tight liped brain who thinks he knows something your a long way from Tipperary my friend. Yet the whole affair is so simple that you have to find someone to help you complicate it and brother those folks are more rampant than the rats in Paris. It goes like this…GARBAGE IN/ GARBAGE OUT. Spend a few years listening to some shrink tell you like it is. Get into a weird position and repeat the same sound over and over again for hours and months and years to find nirvanna yeah, come to the light thanks to the darkness…youpie…or, if your not afraid of seeming really korny and being ridiculed by your friends, give all your money to a Christian movement that promises blessings and financial security. Better yet join Scientology, they have it all figured out and they cost a fortune. Do I sound angry ? I am darn angry, my mom use to say, “only dogs get mad” “ruff ruff”. Bless her soul. What do you do in the dark moments, your world caves in ? It happens. Who do you call ? I wonder how you manage a major crisis. I’m curious. I had a teacher, Larry Kreiger, who went on and on about this stuff. He said in life there was no grey zone, he said stuff like, it’s either upsets or miracles. We

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took this way out course, (back then I was 17 years old working as a go go girl at a place called the Mound Tap in Bettendorf,Iowa). He taught us about the importance of words, he made us buy a huge dictionary and look up words like “it”, “so” and “in” and “and” and “too” and so forth and so on, if we couldn’t give a definition in our own words he would say “look it up”. He said stuff like “if it isn’t written it isn’t true” maybe it was a quote, I’m not sure. He was a cool guy. Bless his soul. Well I motion to say that anything you say or do that is not life producing is death producing. We have a choice. There is great power in choice. Here’s a quote : “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, that you and your descendants might live !” We live in a fast moving world, we move faster than our shoes can take us. Lots of us get our kicks from choosing the bottle, liquid or pill form or both, smoke, stupid movies, quick fix counterfiet love affairs, hot sex, oh man don’t you just love being in love with love ? It all stinks of death, it is death producing bull crap and it is wrong. It is nothing more than a fancy form of idol worship, tasty delectibles for the demons. What we really need is power, life giving power, battery charging energy to have a real blast of a full life ! Starts by being sick and tired of being sick and tired. King Jesus didn’t recieve his miracle power from on high till he faced one of his darkest moments…tempted by Satan in the wilderness after fasting for 40 days,he resisted and triumphed. His only weapon was the eternal living word. He said “Satan, it is written, thou shalt not…”. Jesus fought Satan with direct quotes from the Holy Scripture. Jesus taught the parable of parables to his diciples. “The sower sows the word”. The greatest life giving force we have are life producing words, they are like seeds that when they are planted in your heart they grow and produce powerful loving life. Satan will do anything in his grip, use anybody or anything to keep the eternal word from getting into your eyes and heart. He does not care about you or me, He don’t care if we pray, but you just try to let the word get in you and your gonna meet the enemy face to face, I hope with all my heart that you you do cuz if you never meet him face to faceyou may both be walking in the same direction. It is a fine day for Spiritual warfare. Yes indeed !

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