• It will soon be 2019

    It will soon be 2019 and a lotta folks think we have already moved! Well, we are still here for now and looking forward to moving! The transition has taken a lot longer than we expected and yet It appears as if we all needed this time to digest the move. This fall we toured…

  • 2018 stay tuned

    New adventures on the horizon! Travelling Tina’s Cafe coming soon to a town near you maybe even to your backyard! Get ready we’ll keep you posted!

  • All new… a bird in the hand… Summer 2010

    OK, I am sorry,sorry for not keeping this thing updated… it’s 2010 June, we are about to embark. The season is right in front of my nose. I need to make brownies, it’s friday. So much has happened this year, (fall winter spring) and now it’s summer again. The bird is a year old and…

  • Donnerstag or thursday May 28…

    Donnerstag (thursday in German) May 28 and it seems like the day before tommorrow ? Getting this place in order is fun work, my desk is clear now and I’ve now started pulling stuff out of cabinets and closets, found old newspaper clippings I never even read. They say it’s best that way, “take those articles…

  • A little bird ? it’s june 19 for a few more minutes anyway… friday

    friday and all is well, well it’s almost midnite, thought I’d write a few lines to ya’all… a little bird fell out of the nest last week and i became it’s mom, i feed it shrimps and bread… soon it will have a full tail and be able to fly away.. wouldn’t you like to…

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