All new… a bird in the hand… Summer 2010

OK, I am sorry,sorry for not keeping this thing updated… it’s 2010 June, we are about to embark. The season is right in front of my nose. I need to make brownies, it’s friday. So much has happened this year, (fall winter spring) and now it’s summer again. The bird is a year old and I am so attached to him. “Birdy” or “Little birdy”. He is all black with a bright yellow beak and we sing together. He lives on shredded cheese, bread crumbs, bird seed and apple. He really loves me, you should hear him coo at me. Besides him I have another bird. A pigeon with a broken wing just walked in while I was hanging out the other day. Now he is in another cage next to Birdy, this is way out. My friend Julien who is not a bird, is here for the whole summer, he can’t leave even if he wants too, and I can’t throw him out… now that is a cage situation too I guess. I’ve learned lot’s of important lessons this past winter. Spent a lot of time meditating scripture and praying. Been to the gym religiously. Lost some weight, men are checking my ass out. It’s mostly the woman who really notice the weight loss though.One of my girlfriends said my slimmed down face made her think of Julia Roberts ? Now thats strange. They made a movie called volte face, I have an idea for a movie called Ass Face. Forgive me for being goofy, it just comes natural. Sex is for real. Started a Church “L’eglise des fous de Jesus”, that means (the church of fools for Jesus) all kinds of way out people show up out of the blue on Sunday afternoon,lot’s who refuse to believe in God and I can’t blame them. It’s a real deal. I also call it WASHUP/FELLOWSHIP,(nobody washes dishes or nothing like that). Now we even got a pasteur, his name is Pascal Blaise (not Blaise Pascal). I’m on cloud 9 and tings is fine. Learnin to let Jesus (His Holy Ghost :boo) take the wheel of my life, giving emotions a back seat and resting in God’s love, it’s a real happening situation. Keeps me on fire and alive. Learning to listen and

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obey, yeah yeah. I use to pick and choose and almost always loose. Now it’s RESTFUL. I didn’t say it was easy, it’s the hardest thing. Been singing a lot, made a new CD by a producer and it led to a gig in Paris and a new CD project.It’s Jazz.Beautiful Jazz songs with wonderful Jazz musiciens. COOL,on ice it’s so NICE. This summer is our 15th anniversary, for real. I’ll be looking for you cuz I love you and you know it’s true. Love always, Tina De Tinas ***If you can guess how many times I used the word “REAL” without re reading this note you win a free sundae.

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